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Half $18 Cover

Miniature Works of Art: A Stamp Album of Paintings by American Artists on U. S. Postage Stamps, 1961 to 2017 / by Stuart Van Leer Bradley, Jr., 136 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches spiral bound / ISBN 978-0-99958-277-0 / $18 plus $4 First Class Mail to U.S. addresses,  $15 to Canada, and $22 to rest of the world. Includes the first three stamps mounted in the album. The other 38 stamps you will need to find yourself. It comes with instructions on which size stamp mounts to use.

The United States Postal Service began a yearly series of postage stamps in 1961 with a detail of Frederic Remington’s painting The Smoke Signal. Later artists included Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt, and Edward Hopper among others. In 1998 a sheet of 20 stamps entitled “Four Centuries of American Art” was issued, 16 of which are in this album.

Forty stamps of 30 artists have been chosen for this Stamp Album. On the left side of each pair of pages is a short biography of the artist. On the right page is a description of the painting portrayed on the stamp along with a space for the actual stamp to be mounted in the album. The Stamp Album is spiral bound so that you can place it flat while you work on your stamp collection. There are an extra one or two pages for each stamp for other material, such as plate blocks or first day covers.

Wellington Final Cover copy

Fully Equal to the Situation: Nineteenth-Century Women of  Wellington, Ohio / by Nicole M. Hayes, 138 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches / ISBN 978-0-99958-271-8 / $18 plus $4 1st class mail to U.S. addresses, $15 to Canada, and $22 to rest of the world.

What was it like to live in northeast Ohio in the nineteenth century? To be an emancipated slave, walking hundreds of miles through mountains and forests in the hope of starting over. Or a solitary passenger on a Great Lakes steam ship, drenched and seasick in stormy weather. To be a doctor visiting an ill patient via horse and buggy in the dark of the night, or the editor of a local newspaper, writing and hand setting the lead type for the next week’s edition.

Fully Equal to the Situation reclaims the stories of a dozen women who all lived and labored in the rural village of Wellington, settled in 1818. Pioneers, cross-country travelers, social reformers, educators, entrepreneurs, and wage earners – their narratives span decades of sweeping change, from the colonial era to World War I. Painstakingly researched, each chapter presents an intimate portrait that is at once personal biography and American history.

New Front Cover

The 1907 Autobiography of Henry Martin Bradley, Second Edition / 116 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches / ISBN 978-0-99958-270-1 / $18 plus $4 1st class shipping to U.S. addresses, $15 to Canada and $22 to rest of the world.

Henry Martin Bradley was born in Lee, Massachusetts, in 1824 and moved to Wellington, Lorain County, Ohio in 1835. Despite the danger of wolves, a young Henry helped his family clear their Ohio land and farm in the 1830s.

He owned and operated lumber mills in Michigan in the 1860s & 1870s and tells of the rough-and-tumble politics of the time. He prospected for iron ore in Minnesota in the 1880s. Late in life he owned an orange orchard in California and spent his winters there. He died in Duluth, Minnesota in 1918.

This book includes 23 original illustrations by Maeve Sullivan Bradley, Bradley history and genealogical material, and 21 pages of photographs including 14 carte-de-visite photographs from a privately owned album.















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  3. The Tribute to Puffins is superb. Any chance you could sell me 2 more. My daughter who has a house on
    MDI gave me sponsorship of a Puffin for my birthday last year. My brother in law is a big fan of Audubon
    in Maine and has spent a lot of time on Hog Island. I know they would enjoy your book and I really don’t
    want to give mine up!!!


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