New Website Look

After ten years of teaching letterpress workshops I thought it was time to give a new look.  This website will include some photo galleries and this blog.  The Railway Station Press began in 2003 in the Boyce Railway Station in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  The station was used by the old Norfolk & Western line and was built in 1913.  The press has since been relocated to the Del Ray section of Alexandria, Virginia within walking distance of the Braddock Road Metro station on the Yellow and Blue lines.

The banner photo is of the beautiful brass mats of 36 Point Civilite laid out while being cast by Jim Walczak of the Sycamore Press & Typefoundry. That 36 point Civilite is just one of the 65 lead type fonts available for your use in a letterpress workshop. The photo below is a fisheye’s view of my Chandler & Price Pilot press years ago when it was at the Boyce Railway Station.


My other website & blog can be found at

Thank you, Stuart Bradley

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