Print Shop Has Been Sold

Update on May 5th & June 1st:  The print shop has been sold to Ball State University and it’s letterpress and book arts program in Muncie, Indiana.  Workshops are no longer available.

For many reasons I have decided to sell my entire Railway Station Press print shop but not the press name or the printed inventory.  Items include a Chandler & Price Old Style Pilot Press with three chases and one set of rollers, two oak type cabinets full of type, two library card catalogs full of leading, type, cuts, ornaments etc., trays of space material from 12 point to 48 point, two imposing stones, a slug cutter, a large paper cutter, a roll of tympan paper, 16 cans of VanSon Rubber Base ink, Lettra and other fine paper, many books and other associated pieces of furniture. Everything that you need to letterpress print is included such as composing sticks, quoins, wood furniture, tweezers, a bodkin and a total of 71 fonts of type and 29 type cases.

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