Mouse Book Collector: 2019 Edition

The next book Railway Station Press will publish is a collectors catalog to the pocket size books that Mouse Book Club LLC of Chicago, Illinois has been publishing in the last three years. Our Mouse Book Collector: 2019 Edition will be printed in color with about 64 pages, and each Mouse Book will be featured on its own page; with a color image of the cover, detailed information about number printed, number of pages, year issued, and availability. Many of the early Mouse Books have already sold out. Others are numbered limited editions. You can see and purchase Mouse Books at

This 2019 Special Edition will be limited to 100 copies, signed by the author and numbered (see below). This catalog will become a collectors item in the future. The 2020 Edition will not be limited.

The 2019 Edition is also offered as a “Trade Edition” for a discounted price of $12. This version will have a different color cover and some of them will be donated to libraries and bookstores.

Railway Station Press is not affiliated with the Mouse Book Club. We expect to publish a new and updated collectors catalog each year that will include the new Mouse Books and status updates on the old ones. Our Kickstarter campaign is HERE.

Limited Ed Cover MBC

Dead Trade Cover


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