Hokusai Book Ships in May

The Hokusai book is the fourth in the Art Stamp Series. The American, French, and Hiroshige Art Stamp books in limited editions of one hundred, signed and numbered, with stamps mounted by me, are sold out. They are all still available as basic, do-it-yourself stamp album editions with no stamps mounted under “Books For Sale.”

Railway Station Press is dedicated to keeping all of our books in print. However, the limited edition books, the playing cards, and the postcards are printed in limited quantities and will not be reprinted.

I have added new pull down menus and “Pay by PayPal” buttons. I am in the process of listing Field Notes, Mouse Books, Kenspeckle letterpress printed cards, and Chris Manson’s incredible letterpress printed broadsides. They will all be for sale. I apologize for not having a shopping cart capability, but you can purchase items individually. Any questions please email me at railwaystationpress@gmail.com.

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