Photo History of the Black 95th Engineers is Now Available

The Photo History of the Black 95th General Service Regiment in World War II in two volumes is available for $20 postpaid in the United States and $10 additional for postage to foreign countries.  Please make your check payable to “Railway Station Press” at P O Box 2327, Alexandria, VA 22301 or pay by PayPal at “”.  Updated on February 21, 2018

I am now transcribing my father’s letters and preparing the first volume of his letters, “Letters From the Alcan Highway by Captain Stuart V. Bradley” using excerpts of 150 letters he wrote my mother during 1942 and 1943 in British Columbia while the 95th was building the Alcan (Alaska) Highway.

95th Regiment Project We Love

Update: An excellent history of the Black 93rd Engineer Regiment, which built the part of the Alcan Highway in the Yukon Territory, has been written by Christine & Dennis McClure called “We Fought the Road” just published in October. I am enjoying the book very much. It can be found HERE at their website.


“Fully Equal to the Situation” is Available for Purchase Now

Update as of November 22, 2017

Railway Station Press is pleased to announce that we have published a book by Nicole M. Hayes about the history of Wellington, Ohio told through well researched stories of twelve women. The book is 138 pages and is 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches.

The book is available for $18 with free Media Mail shipping.  Checks can be made payable to “Railway Station Press”, P. O. Box 2327, Alexandria, VA 22301. See our “Items For Sale” page.

Wellington Final Cover


Railway Station Press Founders Club

Membership is limited to 50 people (currently there are 39 members as of August 2019) and entitles you to the following benefits:

A First Edition of every book Railway Station Press publishes for the next five years, from 2017 through the end of 2021.  This First Edition will be the First Printing, limited to 50 copies and will be signed and numbered, and only available to Club members.  We expect to publish two or three books each year.  So this is an incredible deal.

A Quarterly Packet sent in January, April, July, and October of each year which will contain: 1. “The Publisher’s Report” giving you an update on the progress of our various book projects, and inside information about Railway Station Press, 2. extras such as letterpress printed cards, and small books done by others, and 3. limited edition pamphlets that are only available to Club members.

A Membership Certificate which has been letterpress printed by Chris Manson, Maeve, and myself, at Crooked Crow Press in Rockville, Maryland on a Vandercook press.  This 5 by 7 inch certificate will have your name and member number.  See below.

The cost for the 5 year membership is $100, paid by check to “Railway Station Press” and sent to Stuart Bradley at 105 East Glendale Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301. All memberships will be retroactive to the beginning of 2017.  Upon joining you will receive the Membership Certificate and the “First Edition, First Printing”, signed and numbered copy of The 1907 Autobiography of Henry Martin Bradley, our first book.

Railway Station Press is growing.  We have incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we will seek to Trademark our press logo, and we have a list of ten book projects that we will be working on.  We have published three books each year.  But we need working capital up front to make this happen.  This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and help us do that!

Membership Card No 1

The Founders Club membership card is 5 by 7 inches and letterpress printed.

Autobiography is Now Available

Here is the cover of the Autobiography.  It is now available for sale on the Items for Sale page.  It is 5.5 by 8.5 inches and contains 114 pages.  Besides the Autobiography, it contains the Genealogies of 1898 and the 1927 update.  It also contains 21 pages of photographs, 14 of which are carte-de-visite photographs from a private album.


Cover 2nd Printing




Update on Publication of Autobiography of Henry Martin Bradley

The Autobiography is now an InDesign file with a layout of 50 pages containing 24 drawings by Maeve Bradley.  It is currently being proofread by Nancy Brooks.  It will be a 5.5 by 8.5 inch book with an additional 41 pages of scanned genealogical material.  I will experiment to see how some pages of photographs print when we order proof copies.  So the final book will be about 92 to 100 pages, a perfect bound paperback, with a color cover and an ISBN number.  It should be available in June and will be available for sale on this website.  Here are drafts of the title page and first page of the Autobiography:

Update on May 28th, 2017: Proof copies of the 110 page book have been ordered!




New Railway Station Press Logo


Here is our new Railway Station Press logo which will be used for the first time on the reprint of the Autobiography of Henry Martin Bradley.  The image is a woodcut by Chris Manson of Crooked Crow Press and the font is 48 pt. Herculanum from Photoshop.

Also, The Kickstarter project has been successfully funded at 175% of our original goal!

We have an illustrator, Maeve Sullivan Bradley, lined up and the book will be available by May of 2017.

Update: We now have an Editor for Railway Station Press!  Nancy Growald Brooks had a long and distinguished career as an editor for the Smithsonian American History Museum and is now retired.  I will assume the role of publisher.

Railway Station Press will Publish Small Books starting in 2017 & Other items are available now

After selling the letterpress print shop, I am taking Railway Station Press in a new direction.  It will be a publisher and distributor of select small press titles beginning with a reprint of the scarce “A Brief Autobiography of Henry M. Bradley” which was first printed in 1907.  Henry Martin Bradley was my great great grandfather and lived from 1824 to 1918.  This is currently a 30 day Kickstarter project to fund the actual printing.

He was born in western Massachusetts, helped his family clear the land and farm in northeastern Ohio, owned and worked for lumber companies in Bay City and Saginaw, Michigan, and prospected for iron ore in northern Minnesota.  He finally settled in Duluth, Minnesota with many of his children and grandchildren (and that was where I was born).

Railway Station Press will continue to offer the Midway Midget playing cards and 1893 Chicago World’s Fair history cards as well as John Haines poetry broadsides (see blog posts below and Items For Sale page).  My “Moving with the Frontier: The Bradley Family of America 1644 – 1918” published in 1977 is also available on the Items For Sale page.

My other website & blog, dedicated to the Bradley family and related families history and genealogy, can be found at and my new email address is   Thank you.


Scan of first page of one of only two original copies that are known to have survived.


Print Shop Has Been Sold

Update on May 5th & June 1st:  The print shop has been sold to Ball State University and it’s letterpress and book arts program in Muncie, Indiana.  Workshops are no longer available.

For many reasons I have decided to sell my entire Railway Station Press print shop but not the press name or the printed inventory.  Items include a Chandler & Price Old Style Pilot Press with three chases and one set of rollers, two oak type cabinets full of type, two library card catalogs full of leading, type, cuts, ornaments etc., trays of space material from 12 point to 48 point, two imposing stones, a slug cutter, a large paper cutter, a roll of tympan paper, 16 cans of VanSon Rubber Base ink, Lettra and other fine paper, many books and other associated pieces of furniture. Everything that you need to letterpress print is included such as composing sticks, quoins, wood furniture, tweezers, a bodkin and a total of 71 fonts of type and 29 type cases.